#80 Uppsala Capercaillies

This episode is in english. Join us on an auditory journey through the forests of Uppsala in search of the Swedish Capercallie, a large forest bird, the largest of member of the grouse family renowned for its mating display. You will follow Andrew Barrett, a British student studying in Sweden, and naturalist Emil V. Nilsson from Biotopia to visit a place in the forest where the Capercallie males display – called a lek – just outside the Swedish city of Uppsala. We sit from early afternoon and through the night to the new dawn to witness and record this monumental natural spectacle. Follow Andrew in social media, look for @ecobarrett!

Naturpodden is produced by Biotopia, a small but wonderful natural history museum in Uppsala, Sweden. You are most welcome to visit us. Entrance is free of charge and there are special programs for adults, and sometimes non-swedish speaking persons, during Wednesday evenings and weekends. Check it out!