Workshop: Christmas Gifts with Edible Plants

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Agnes Brosset, Nordiska Örter

Join us for an exciting workshop combining nature, creativity, and culinary delight! Agnes Brosset invites you to a special workshop where you’ll craft Christmas gifts using wild edible plants.

Agnes will start the workshop by sharing insights on specific wild plants used in our workshop: which one are they, how to identify them, where and when to forage them? Then we’ll dive into the heart of the workshop, where you will step-by-step craft a personalized Christmas Cookie Jar using wild edible seeds, flour, and blend your own tea from forest plants and spices!

All participants will make a cookie jar and a tea blend to take home for keeping or offering as a Christmas gift!

The workshop, conducted in English, promises a delightful blend of culinary exploration and botanical discovery. Limited spots are available, so secure your ticket (300:-) as soon as possible via this ticket link:

About the Host

Fusing her profound passion for wild and medicinal plants with her expertise as a plant ecologist, Agnes founded Nordiska Örter, a platform and herb garden dedicated to educating people about foraging and using wild plants for food, health and handicraft. At Nordiska Örter, Agnes offers year-round workshops and leads an upstanding Foraging & Wildcrafting Course, conducted from May to November in Uppsala.

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