Wolf Territories and Uppland’s Predators

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Welcome to an evening filled with predators!

This Wednesday, we’re hosting two talks on predators. Both talks will be held in English and will also be streamed live to YouTube. Make sure to tune in and ask plenty of questions in the chat!

18:00 – “With Neighbours Like These” – Thesis presentation by Jakob Ahlberg

Wolves live in packs and establish territories. This means that each wolf pack lives in a limited area that they defend from other wolves. But what can influence the size of the territories? Could it be the supply of food or competition with neighbouring territories? Join us on a journey though villages, roads and prey-density as we seek to find out just how quarrelsome the wolves of Scandinavia really are.

19:00 – Predator News with Sebastian Olofsson, predator manager at Uppsala County Administrative Board

The predator populations are in constant flux. In this presentation, Sebastian will detail the current situation for our county’s three large predators. The presentation will be divided into three parts: Bears, Lynx and Wolves. There will be time for questions after each segment.

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