The Life of Our Large Predators

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Aktiviteten avslutades 28 februari 2024

Welcome to a workshop evening focusing on our relationship to the large predators in Upland county. What do we know, what do we think and what do we hope the future brings for wolves, lynx and bears?

This evening, Ecologist and nature tour guide, Andrew Barrett will take you on an informative and interactive journey through the lives of our large predators, gathering our thoughts and inspiring your creativity along the way. You will learn the hard facts of the ecology and status of wolves, lynx and bears and get a chance to share your thoughts, ideas and hopes for these animals in a workshop format culminating in a short literary work produced by the participants.

As space is limited, we kindly ask you to book a spot free of charge by e-mailing

This activity is financed by funding from WWF in the project: “Rovdjursaktiviteter med Biotopia och Upplandsstiftelsen”.

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