Spring Wild Edible Plants Workshop

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Aktiviteten avslutades 8 maj 2024
Agnes Brosset, Nordiska Örter

Join us for a fun and hands-on workshop on discovering wild edible plants that can be found almost everywhere in Uppsala. Discover how to identify, ethically harvest and prepare edible wild plants as food and drinks. We will start with a brief introduction on foraging for wild edible plants in Sweden, follow by some display of wild plants and quiz. Then, we will move on to the fun part – tasting common wild edible plants raw and prepared into snacks!

The workshop is organized by Agnès a plant ecologist and founder of Nordiska Örter, an herb farm situated in Uppsala. During the workshop Agnès will raise our awareness of local plants and of their usages as food. She also offers a foraging course and workshop all year around, always with the aim to empower people using local herbs as food, wellness and handicraft.

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the world of wild edible plants.

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Price: 250:- non-refundable (but giftable).

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