Mysterious Mammals of Northern Sweden

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Aktiviteten avslutades 12 februari 2020

Join me, Andrew Barrett for an interactive, in-depth discussion about some of the most mysterious mammals seldom seen but often dreamed about that can be found in Sweden. Talk held in English.

I am a Masters student who was lucky enough to spent 8 weeks last summer in the Swedish mountains of Västerbotten researching arctic foxes (fjällräv); I will be recounting my stories of these magnificent animals and we will look into their ecology, how they cope with the extreme habitat and climate of the north and the problems they face in the coming years. I am blessed to have seen wolverines and experienced lynx so I will also be talking about these rarely encountered animals.

We will have a short meet and greet period, I will then present about the arctic fox, and touch on the wolverine and the lynx of Sweden before we have a Q&A and fika where I will have fox fur and specimens you can feel and interact with.

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