Exploring Environmental Limits of Foraging and Herb Cultivation

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Aktiviteten avslutades 5 juni 2024
Agnes Brosset, Nordiska Örter

Curious about foraging, herbs, their usage, or moving toward a sustainable lifestyle or increased self-sufficiency?

Join us in Biotopia on Wednesday 5 June to explore the growing interest in herbs and the benefits of foraging and cultivating local herbs.

During this event, Agnès Brosset, founder of Nordiska Örter will discuss the environmental challenges of foraging and herb cultivation, as well as in Sweden’s herb industry, and how we can contribute to forage more ethically and promote a more sustainable and informed herb industry.

Agnès will also present how Nordiska Örter a small-scale herb farm situated in Uppsala provides a local, fresher and more sustainable alternative to mass-produced herb options. As well as how workshops and education around herbs connect to their local environment and increase their self-sufficiency. Learn more about Nordiska Örter to the following link: https://www.instagram.com/nordiskaorter/

The event will be live-streamed to YouTube:

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