Deciphering the language of plants

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Aktiviteten avslutades 26 april 2023
Agnès Brosset, Nordiska Örter

Plants do not have voices, but they can communicate, not only among themselves but also with other organisms. Do you know how?
This evening, Agnès Brosset will bring us into the intriguing world of the chemical ecology to decipher the language of plants. We will discover how the diversity of plant chemistry is at the base of ecosystems and mediates interactions between organisms, including with humans.

Researcher graduated from the University of Eastern Finland, Agnès is also a young entrepreneur, who recently created Nordiska Örter, to transmit her passion for plants, and for herbalism. Nordiska Örter raises public awareness of the use of local plants as food and health support through courses and plant walks and promotes sustainable practices in the production and use of plants.

Join us at the museum or on YouTube.

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